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Where else can I find your products?

Our products are currently available only online but we will be moving into stores soon.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

At this time, free shipping is not available. We do run promotions where we may offer free local shipping.

Where are you located?

We are an online boutique based in Kingston, Jamaica.

Can I order from the United States?

Yes. We offer international shipping at a cost per KG. Please enter your state and zip code when prompted. Also fill in all relevant shipping details and contact information.

Does your hair products work on thick hair?

The Silk & Smooth Hair Care line cater to all natural hair types especially thick, curly hair (like mine). We ensure our products hydrate and moisturise your hair to keep it soft and manageable.

I have really sensitive skin, will your skin care products damage my skin?

The Simple Steps Skin Care Line is made for person with sensitive skin issues. Our facial cleanser is gentle and will not burn or dry our your skin. Our tea tree toner helps to manage acne and out day and night time moisturisers will keep your skin soft and smooth for hours without causing excessive sweating.

Do you accept Cash?

No, we do not. We accept direct deposits to provided bank accounts and credit card payments through PayPal.

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