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We make handmade products for your skin and natural hair using natural, home grown ingredients. 

Our Silk & Smooth Hair Care line is made to show love to your curls and coils. They hydrate, moisturize, protect and bring shine and bounce back to your hair. No more crying over dry hair and itchy scalp. Turn your hair woes into hair wows!

The Simple Steps Skin Care line is catered to those skin sensitivities, looking for a gentler way to take care of their skin. Manage your breakouts and regain your skin confidence with products made with no added fragrances or irritants.

Protect your edges with our on-of-a-kind Edgeslayer 360. Experience 360 degree, adjustable coverage that protects your hair and covers your side burns as well. 

Get on your healthy hair care journey with our FREE hair care guide that provides step-by-step care details, product suggestions, bonus tips and much more.

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