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YL. Beauty by Yashika Lane

Edgeslayer 360 Hair Wrap

Edgeslayer 360 Hair Wrap

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YL Beauty Edgeslayer 360 Hair Wrap: Protect Your Hair and Edges While You Sleep


  • Made from satin fabric to protect hair from friction and breakage
  • Adjustable straps fit over the ears and cover sideburns without the need for tying
  • Won't slip off while you sleep, ensuring your hair and edges remain protected throughout the night
  • Fits over your ears and covers your sideburns


  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Protects edges from damage
  • It helps you wake up with defined edges
  • No more morning headaches

Get your YL Beauty Edgeslayer 360 Hair Wrap today and start protecting your hair and edges!

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